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Unique Nature Insights

Nathan Summers, B.Nat.Res.



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As an Australian Ecological Guide ~ Environment Educator, 

I have a passion for creating high quality experiences         

for my clients, and for the sharing of knowledge

and enjoyment in our unique landscapes.


Our natural world is a fascinating place. People are an   important part of this world too. With the many needs for this world at this time, good stewardship requires appreciation, attachment and devotion.

Establishing wonder and familiarity with the world,

revealing natures gems and connecting this with people is part of this.  This ensures a rich, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Professional Profile

have an extensive working background in natural area management, community facilitation and education.  These have been incorporated in my professional roles with Blue Mountains City Council, National Parks & Wildlife Service, City Of Parramatta, State Forests, TAFE, private tour companies and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

My formal qualifications in Natural Resources (Bachelor Degree, UNE), Bushland Regeneration, Agriculture, Community Facilitation, National Parks Excellence in Guiding and Workplace Training & Assessment, along with my long term interests in conservation, rural landscapes and also indigenous Australia provide a further fertile resource to draw from.

Tour guiding has enabled me to provide interpretive commentary on our unique Australian flora, fauna and culture in an interesting and engaging way to diverse people of many backgrounds. I have engaged with the community for many years through bushland restoration projects, recreation planning, community consultation, inland rivers and environmental education. All of these experiences have contributed to developing my abilities to relate to people of all ages and involve them in the experience.  See link SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION

My creativity is expressed in many ways, and I am a passionate artist who loves observing the ever changing Australian landscape. I have incorporated these skills into developing interpretive signage and a variety of teaching and publicity material, which are available on request. See link ILLUSTRATIONS & ART

I possess extensive practical knowledge in a number of areas including:

  • Natural resource management

  • Rural landscapes; Forestry; Botany; Fire management

  • Bushland and waterway restoration

  • Community land management; Community networking; Teaching

  • History, and also indigenous cross cultural perspectives

  • Children, Adults and Special Needs education.

I also have a current Senior First Aid Certificate, training in remote area first aid, Working with Children Check (WWC0937875E) and current Public Liability Insurance (115U230709BPK), Authorised Bus Driver & 4WD Driver (GY 7712) and a Medium Rigid (MR) Drivers Licence.

All of my knowledge, practical experience, formal qualifications, personal interest and passion for nature, conservation and education are strengths I bring to the role of providing Unique Nature Insights. 

My professional resume


Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a World Heritage area renowned for their extraordinary scenery, pristine landscapes, many stories and one of Australia's favourite recreation destinations. It is a landscape teaming with amazing botany, wildlife, rock formations, waterfalls, and deep legacies from Australia's European settlement and rich First Nations heritage.

Living in the Blue Mountains, I have a passion for this area and know many of its places. Great places to visit, bush walk, swim, cycle, camp, learn and appreciate. Let me show you what this landscape has to offer and reveal some of its treasures.

Astronomy Tours

Experience an entertaining evening which familiarises the night sky and takes you through both the fascinating physical and cultural phenomena of Astronomy. These presentations have been developed over a number of years, and go to many interesting subject areas, from constellations, star formations, night sky movements, science, historical and human perspectives from Greek to world cultures.  No telescopes needed, just blankets and be prepared for a rewarding journey!

Australian History Education Tours

If you are looking for an experience which includes history and people with the landscape, then this is the right place. My interest in the Australian landscape incorporates a great knowledge of the past history and its links to present day people.


My own background of pioneering ancestry provides a fertile source of inspiration, and my professional tour guiding experience at Parramatta, along with my love of the Blue Mountains, incorporates a depth of knowledge of past and contemporary stories.

As a professional tour guide with the City of Parramatta, my experience has allowed me to be immersed in the early colonial history of one of the first prominent European settlements of Australia, an area rich in the physical structures and the social lattice of Australian colonial history.  Educational tours are regularly delivered throughout Parramatta on its history & people.


Tour packages have been prepared and delivered for:

  • Knapsack Bridge & Lapstone Zig Zag - Blue Mtns railway history

  • Mt York - Explorers and early roads


My interest and research skills enable me to present a variety of engaging historical experiences.

Specialised Education Day & Night Experiences

As a TAFE teacher, tour guide for National Parks and private educator I have been developing and delivering tour packages to schools, tour groups and TAFE student groups for over 25 years.

Cross Cultural perspectives

I have much personal interest in Australian Aboriginal culture, which includes a great depth of research in this area, and also personal connections with people and families.  Whilst there are certain limitations as to what can be provided as a non indigenous person, perspectives can be offered into,

  • History to specific locations and how the past links to the present day

  • Perspectives on the landscape, places and people

View Budj Bim Landscape, Lake Condah,VICTORIA

Australian  Landscapes - rural and outback

My passions and working background in natural areas and cultural history have developed into a wealth of knowledge of the Australian landscape and its ecology, flora, animals, agriculture, history, people and stories.

From the North Coast Big Scrub to the Western Plains, the Queensland Downs to the Flinders Ranges, Tasmania to the Top End, the Mallee, Deserts, Goldfields, Beaches and the Ranges, there are a lot of experiences to be had. With my thorough knowledge of this country I can provide you with great learning experiences which can be incorporated into any guided learning package.


Education Tours & Information Presentations

I have undertaken teaching and interpretive roles for over 25yrs of my working life, and offer: ​

  • school incursions

  • add-ons for excursions

  • custom packages available


Specific aspects of the educational presentations which address the Board of Studies outcomes include:

  • Natural Science, Ecology, Astronomy, Geology, Plant Uses, Land form, Australian Environment;

  • Natural Resource Management, Water Cycle and Management, Agriculture, Recreation Planning & Civil Planning at a local level;

  • Australian History, Aboriginal History, Knowledge of History to specific locations and how the past links to present day people;

  • Knowledge and Understanding of Aboriginal People & Culture

My experience in teaching and environment education ensures for engaging learning experiences. See general education tours for some of the subject material on offer.

View my ecological tour guide resume

Special Needs Education

I have great talents in working with people with special needs and get much enjoyment from this. I have done much work through TAFE delivering outreach teaching to groups in the community who do not ordinarily access the education system. This includes people with intellectual and physical challenges, youth at risk, mental health clients, correctional detainees, new migrants and Aboriginal classes.


I possess patience, humour, wisdom, subtlety and an engaging and non judgemental personality. My broad life experiences and ability to work on many wavelengths allow me to communicate with people in a lot of different ways.

Examples of special needs education and outreach teaching include,

  • Telopea Centre, Ryde TAFE, horiculture, landscaping and construction to students with intellectual, physical and social challenges.

  • North Sydney hospital, mental health clients in bushland restoration and landscape employment and bushcare volunteering.

  • Outreach teaching, TAFE, with Aboriginal classes, Auburn harmony gardens, Parramatta Correctional Centre and Youth at Risk groups.

  • Bushland and Land Management coursework to employment vocation groups, youth at risk, and specific groups such as austism with State Forests and Blue Mountains City Council.

Day & Night Experiences
Special Needs Education

Would be nice to perhaps add syllabus ideas here as attachments?

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