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‘We really enjoyed the day, Nathan is very passionate and knowledgeable about plants, trees, and bush medicine and we could see that he loves sharing it with people. ……we also liked how Nathan got us to taste, touch, and handled plants, berries, and leaves it has really open my eyes and next time when I am in the bush I will see things in another way.


Appreciate it and great that all of you are putting in a fantastic effort, good to see.  ….I hope that you will get lots of opportunities in the future to share all your knowledge Nathan and I have no doubt the Medicinal / Bush medicine walk will just get better and better.’


Annika Cole  

I have known Nathan for approximately 8 years. In that time, I have witnessed his passionate interest subjects such as native bush plants, art, music and astronomy.


I have attended annual family events such as Bat Night, only to see that there were no bats present at bat night and Nathan scheduled to do a presentation about our local bats turn to the bushes beside us and begin imparting his extraordinary detailed knowledge of them and all their medicinal uses and what they taste like and whether or not they were food or poison. Always an entertaining and interesting evening. I have attended and evening looking at the stars being part of an enthralling and educational conversation with everyone there guided by Nathan, our knowledgeable presenter.


Nathan is a beautiful, artistically creative, intelligent man who is always interesting and gentle. He has a beautiful and humble disposition which is so likeable and lovely to be around. He is so valuable to our community. Our children and adults alike love him. 


Jocelyn Munster

I have known Nathan Summers for almost two decades. His fund of knowledge on the environment of Australia is very considerable, and as a previous student of his, I have found him to be an able and inspiring teacher.


I regard him as a very highly ethical individual, and I would place my children in his care without hesitation. Anyone doing similarly can expect to be well rewarded for their trust in him.


Rowan Holmes

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